Emergency Medicine and Critical Care: Bridging the Gap


  • Zafer Khan Department of Health Science, Universality of Mumbai


Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Continuum of Care, Acutely Ill Patients, Multidisciplinary Teamwork, Seamless Transitions, Evidence-Based Practices, Patient Outcomes, Bridging the Gap


This paper delves into the critical interface between emergency medicine and critical care, highlighting the need for a seamless continuum of care that optimizes patient outcomes. The integration of these two disciplines plays a pivotal role in the management of acutely ill and critically injured patients. This comprehensive review explores the challenges and opportunities in bridging the gap between emergency medicine and critical care, emphasizing the importance of effective communication, multidisciplinary teamwork, and evidence-based practices. It also discusses strategies for streamlining patient transitions and ensuring continuity of care, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of patient survival and quality of life.