Peer Review Policy

The Cosmic Journal of Chemistry (CJC) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research articles and review articles on all aspects of chemistry, with a focus on astrochemistry, cosmochemistry, and geochemistry. All submissions to the CJC are subject to a rigorous peer review process.

Peer Review Process

Once a manuscript is submitted to the CJC, it is assigned to an editor who is responsible for overseeing the peer review process. The editor will select two independent experts in the field to review the manuscript. The reviewers will assess the manuscript for its originality, scientific significance, and technical quality. They will also provide feedback to the authors on how to improve the manuscript.

The editor will then make a decision based on the feedback from the reviewers. The editor may accept the manuscript for publication, reject the manuscript, or ask the authors to make revisions and resubmit the manuscript. If the manuscript is accepted, it will be published in the next available issue of the CJC.

Peer Review Criteria

The peer reviewers will assess the manuscript based on the following criteria:

  • Originality: Does the manuscript present new and original research?
  • Scientific significance: Is the research important and will it make a significant contribution to the field?
  • Technical quality: Is the research well-designed and executed? Are the data and results presented clearly and accurately?
  • Clarity and conciseness: Is the manuscript well-written and easy to understand?


The peer review process is confidential. The reviewers are not allowed to reveal their identity to the authors or to discuss the manuscript with anyone other than the editor. The authors are also not allowed to contact the reviewers directly.


If a manuscript is rejected, the authors may appeal the decision to the editor-in-chief. The editor-in-chief will review the manuscript and the reviewer reports and make a final decision.


The CJC is committed to publishing high-quality research articles. The peer review process is an essential part of ensuring that the journal publishes only the most rigorous and innovative research.