Withdrawal Policy

The COSMIC JOURNAL OF PHYSICS (CJP) withdrawal policy allows authors to withdraw their manuscripts from the journal at any time before the article is published online. However, there are some restrictions on withdrawals, as outlined below:

  • Withdrawals must be requested in writing to the Editor-in-Chief. The request should be sent by email and should include the following information:
    • The title of the manuscript
    • The author's name(s)
    • The reason for the withdrawal
  • Withdrawals must be made before the article is published online. Once an article has been published online, it cannot be withdrawn.
  • Withdrawals may be denied if the article is already in press or if the journal has already incurred costs associated with publishing the article.

If a withdrawal is approved, the manuscript will be removed from the journal website and will not be published. However, the manuscript may still be made available to other journals or publishers.

Reasons for withdrawal

Authors may withdraw their manuscripts from the CJP for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The manuscript is no longer of interest to the author.
  • The author has found a better journal to publish the manuscript in.
  • The author has made significant changes to the manuscript since submitting it to the CJP.
  • The author has concerns about the review process or the editorial decision-making process.

Important considerations

Authors should carefully consider their reasons for withdrawing a manuscript before making a request. Withdrawals can be disruptive to the review process and can delay the publication of other manuscripts. Authors should also be aware that if a manuscript is withdrawn, it may still be made available to other journals or publishers.

If you are considering withdrawing your manuscript from the CJP, please contact the Editor-in-Chief for more information.